Frequently Asked Questions

How are the books chosen?

Patrons submit a book title and once it has 5 votes it gets added to the list for the next round of book purchases.  To submit a request for a title and vote on current titles please check out our Request and Voting Page. Note: some titles may not be purchasable due to availability and pricing. Not all titles are available for purchase through overdrive. Pageless Library focuses on books that are under $8.00 a title, if a book title is more expensive and we have enough requests for it, the purchase will be considered on a case by case basis.

How do I join?

You simply register with our website! You can join for free and check out a title for free, if you want to check out more titles we charge a small fee.

Fee? Why is there a fee?

Our patronage fee’s go directly to maintenance of the library and purchase of new titles!

Are there different levels of patrons?

Indeed! We allow anyone to register, but only paying patrons may request and vote on new titles. A basic patron donates $8.99 a month, and that allows for a vote on upcoming purchases and the ability to check out up to 15 books a month. A bibliophile patron donates a $14.99 and has a vote on upcoming purchases and the ability to check out an unlimited amount of books per month.

How are you a “library?”

An excellent question! A library is defined as: a building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and recorded music for people to read, borrow, or refer to. We allow our patrons to borrow the ebooks in our collection. We allow anyone to register as a patron, we do have several levels of patronage available. We are using the new space of the “cloud” instead of a traditional “building or room”.

Why allow patrons to vote on books?

One of the biggest frustrations of any library is figuring out what books their patrons want and will check out! Thus, we are asking you directly!

Can I submit as many books as I want for nomination for purchase?

Each patron may have 1 nomination poll running at a time, each nomination poll runs for 2 weeks or until 5 up votes are cast. Each patron may only have 1 book that they have added to the purchase list for that month. Each patron may vote on as many books as they want each month.

Why is there a waiting list for the title I want?

As with a regular library if we only have one copy of a book, only one copy can be checked out at a time, thus some of our titles may have a waiting list! If the waiting list becomes too long we will consider purchasing a second copy of the title. Please check out some of our other great titles that we have available while you are waiting for a specific one to come available.

Audio books?

We do not currently offer audio books, we hope to in the future!

Other questions?

Do you have any other questions? Please feel free to contact us!